Your Support Helps Transport Thousands of Animals to Saftey


Donate today. Your donation will help us make an impact in families’ lives in rural Cambodia. Your gift truly has the power to change lives, now and into the future. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law in the U.S.

You can give toward our General Support for program and operational costs.

Or specific products and services:

Health Program: $80 Filter*; $320 Well*; $175 Latrine

Food Security Program: $50 Agriculture Training

Education Program: $55 Bicycle; $30 Two Sets of School Uniforms

Economic Development Program: $25 Village Funds Assistance

* With your water filter and well donations we stencil your name and provide you with a photo. If you have any specific stencil request, please let us know.

Total Donation Amount $150